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This Code Should Now Work On All Sites. If You Have A Non-Tripod Site And Have Problems Loading The First Graphic In Your Box, Change The Image URL From to Sorry About The Inconvenience!

  • Replace YOUR_ID by the ID number that you are given (6 occurrences).
  • Replace YOUR_EMAIL by your email@address.
  • Replace YOUR_NAME by your name (or something like it!).
<!--Start The Famous Families Webring HTML Fragment Here--> <CENTER><table border=7 cellspacing=7><tr> <td align=middle><font size=2><a href="" target="_top"> <IMG SRC="" alt="Next Site" border=0></a></td> <td align=middle><p><center><br><H5>This site is a member of the<br><a href=";list" target="_top"> The Famous Families Webring</a><br> and is owned by <a href="mailto:YOUR_EMAIL">YOUR_NAME</a><p> [ <a href="" target="_top"> Prev</a> | <a href="" target="_top"> Skip It</a> | <a href="" target="_top"> Next 5</a> | <a href="" target="_top"> Random</a> | <a href="" target="_top"> Next</a> ]<p> Want to join this ring? Go to <a href="" target="_top"> The Famous Families Main Page</a><br> FFW Logo Created By <A HREF="">Wrenne Hazard</A><p></center></h5></td> <td align=center><a href="" target="_top"> <IMG SRC="" width=100 alt="Next Site" border=0></a></td> </tr></font size></table></CENTER> <!--End The Famous Families Webring HTML Fragment Here-->

Your box should look like this:

Next Site

This site is a member of the
The Famous Families Webring
and is owned by The Official Ryan Cassidy Site

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