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The Famous Families Webring
From The Noteworthy To The Notorious And Everything In Between!

Welcome to The Famous Families main page! This webring is a minor attempt at celebrating famous families and their members. What kinds of families? If they're in the news, on your television or jamming on your radio, they should be here! Hopefully we will have a fascinating and funky membership roster ranging from crowned heads of state to pop sensations -- royalty both real and imagined.

Would You Like To Join?
It's simple! If you have a site for a famous family of any type or for a member of the famous family, you qualify and are welcome to join us! You will increase your traffic and be a part of a well-maintained ring system. The only restrictions placed on membership is that the site not be a negative site (no bashing sites), not have adult content (I have rated the ring at a G-rating, please keep that in mind), and that the code for the ring remain in place on your site. Just fill out the application and copy/paste the code, changing the appropriate parts to contain your unique site id, your site name, webmaster name and e-mail address. Once the code is placed on your site, e-mail me with the URL of where you placed it and I will add you within a few days. If you have a problem, let me know!

Now For The Technical Stuff...

If you ended up back on this page, it was either due to an invalid ID number in the code on the previous page or the new page is still in the queue and hasn't officially been added to the ring.

The URL address is always verified before it is added to the ring. Once in a while an address will turn up missing in the 'lost and found' category for reasons unbeknownst to others. When this happens the corresponding site will be moved back to the queue until the problem is corrected.

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This HTML code will remain the same. Click on the picture to go to the next site. Click on 'The Famous Families Webring' to view a list of the current sites in this ring.

If you want to be added to The Famous Families Webring, please fill out the form. You'll then be sent an email confirming that your site has been added to the Queue. Before you can be added to the ring, you'll need to add the HTML fragment for the ring to your page. Once you have added the HTML fragment to your page, e-mail me at and, provided your site meets the criteria, I'll add you to the ring.

In order to join the ring, make sure that:
  • You are the webmaster or owner of a website pertaining to a teen idol of the '60s, 70s or '80s (we will consider recent teen idols if there is enough interest) or one of their projects.
  • The HTML fragment appears on the site.
  • Your site does not infringe on any copyrights or slander these families in any way
If your site meets all the requirements, it will be added to the ring. All applications are subject to approval.
It may be that you cannot gain access to WebRing for some reason. All sites go down from time to time. If you want to join the ring, you can always send email to Michele and ask to add you to the queue. I'll be updating the Index page from time to time, but the current Ring and Queue pages are to be found on the WebRing database.

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Do you have or know of a site that would be perfect for this ring? If you do, contact Michele! You can also send the url for The Famous Families Main Page to other webmasters using the form below!

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